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...What is there in sin which should cause us such broken-heartedness that all our life should be – not darkened, but inspired by this pain in our hearts? We tend to define sin as breaking of the moral law or acting in a way which is contrary to our duty or to what is right, but there is something more fundamental in sin, which should indeed cause us sadness and more than sadness: a deep pain...


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Guide for the Examination of Conscience

Did I –

Deny or doubt God’s existence?

Doubt the teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church?

Neglect my morning or evening prayers?

Miss Divine Liturgy because of laziness or carelessness?

Fail in my duties to God for fear of ridicule?

Fast as required?

Consult fortunetellers or believe in superstitions?

Make a promise and fail to keep it?

Anger others and provoke them to curse or swear?

Do unnecessary work on Sundays or holydays?

Teach my children respect for the Lord’s day?

Ever wish I were dead?

Deliberately look at obscene pictures or books?

Entertain impure thoughts or desires?

Commit impure actions alone or with others?

Envy others?

Steal, cheat or help other to do so?

Rashly gamble, give or accept bribes?

Go to Confession and Communion at least once a year?

Go to Communion without proper preparation?

Give thanks to God for my daily food?




Weekly Schedule of Services

~Sunday March 26

St. John of the Ladder / Преп. Иоанна Лествичника



~Wednesday March 29

Canon of St. Andrew of Crete


6:30 PM (Канон Андрея Критскаго)


 ~Friday March 31


6:00 pm  Изобразит. / Typica

6:15 pm  Presanctified Liturgy Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров



~Saturday April 1


 9:00 AM Matins with Akathist Утреня с акафистом
Похвала Пресвятой Богородицы

 5:30 pm Vigil



~Sunday April 2

 St. Mary of Egypt / Преп. Марии Египетския


8:15 am Nocturns, Hours, Confessions

9:00 am Divine Liturgy


**Confessions END at 8:59 AM**


**Upcoming Feast Day**


~Thursday April 6


6:30 PM Vigil


~Friday April 7

* Annunciation/Благовещение *





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*Please see our most current schedule found in the latest bulletin

*Обновления к расписания служб могут быть найдены в последнем церковном листке

Hours; Liturgy of St. Basil
9:00 AM (at Skete)

Sunday of the Prodigal Son / Неделя о блудном сыне

Sts. Basil the Greаt, Gregory Theologian & John Chrysostom

Собор Трех Святителей

Cheese-fare Sunday / Forgiveness Sunday


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