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**Great Lent begins February  18**

culminating with

**Pascha on April 8**






Beautifying the Iconostasis

We ask all of you who wish to donate for this beautifying of the iconostasis. If you are able to help cover the cost ($2,500), you can give your donation to Br. James, the Treasurer, or Victor Durnev, the Assistant Starosta.

February 20th Update on Fr. John's Health

Fr. John was seen by Dr. Kinsella yesterday. She explained the CAT-scan results. Fr. John has 3 fractures of the right radius. Depending on x-ray results next Monday, it will be determined whether wrist surgery will be needed. A new hard cast was applied till next Monday's appointment.

Pray that the fractures will heal without surgery.

Our Archimandrite, Fr. John, is battling several health issues. You can imagine how difficult it will be for a priest not being able to use his right hand for an extensive amount of time.

Please pray for Fr. John. He has been a priest for more than 45 years, and has worked tirelessly for Christ’s holy Church. Show him your kindness and concern, for he has no family but all of you.

Services at Resurrection Church and Skete continue as scheduled, including liturgies on Sundays at 9 am.


 Today, brothers and sisters, let’s greet each other with the joy of this feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy! 

S Prazdnikom!


Yes, today really is a prazdnik—a feast—although it’s a feast that comes in the midst of our fasting, one that crowns and illumines all the ascetic efforts we have taken on during this past week. 

The joyful event we commemorate today, the end of iconoclasm and the restoration of the holy icons in 843, took place on the first Sunday in Lent of that year—I think most of us are familiar with this history. 

But the connection between the restoration of the icons and Great Lent goes much deeper, and really touches on the whole purpose of our fast…


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Weekly Schedule of Services
~Saturday February 24

5:30 pm Vigil



~Sunday February 25

Sunday of Orthodoxy
Торжество Православия

 8:15 am Nocturns, Hours, Confessions

9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия



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